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Confessions of a fiance: I’m getting married in 4 weeks and sometimes I forget to brush my teeth

Brutal honesty…love it!

The Struggles and Laughs of a Momma and Wife

So here’s the deal.

I’m getting married in 32 days. I mean WE’RE getting married in 32 days.

(We’re working on referring to our lives as WE, but sometimes I forget)

Throughout the past couple of years, every time I’ve seen a “one month until our wedding day” post on social media I’ve always wondered what it must feel like. So I’ve decided to tell you exactly what it feels like for the next 4 weeks leading up to the wedding.

And right now it feels really scary. It feels exciting. It feels overwhelming and weird and funny.

Scary because marriage means someone sees all of the embarrassing and weird and awful things you do when you’re not used to someone else being around all the time to see. Exciting because I’m marrying my best friend after 5 long years of dating. Overwhelming because I can’t keep my room clean…

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10 Reasons Why I Run

Truly inspirational.

Running with Skissors

If you would have told me five years ago that I would be signing up to run a marathon in 2015, I would have laughed out loud! I have always been fairly active, but running was never a part of my rotation. In fact, I would go out on a limb and say I used to despise it. Until 2012, the only time I had run intentionally  was back in school when I was forced to run in gym class. I’m sure I ran a couple of miles on a treadmill in college or at the gym a few times. But until recently, I would have chosen ANY OTHER form of exercise other than running. Little did I know back then that running actually has very little to do with just “getting exercise”. Sounds corny, but for me, it is so much more.

Home GymI began running in the fall of…

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PBK Wine Maker Tasting Menu Event Feb 06

PBK Wine Maker Tasting Menu Event Feb 06.

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